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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Update DPM 2010 with QFE rollup

I just came back from Sri Lanka which completed a DPM project. During my project, i has updated the DPM 2010 to the latest QFE rollup. This QFE rollup has released on Nov 2010.

To download:- Click here

Installation of QFE rollup is quite simple and you need to restart the DPM server after patching the server.

Update from DPM Administrator Console
Once the server has restart, go to Management > Agents tab to upgrade the rest of the protected server agents. The new agent version will be upgraded to 3.0.7706.00.

Manual update installation
1. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft DPM\DPM\agents\RA\3.07706.0

32 bit- i386\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_KB2250444.exe
64 bit- amd64\1033\DPMAgentInstaller_KB2250444_AMD64.exe

The above path is also the new path for those who's perform manual agent installation.