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Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Connect to DPM 2010 SQL Server?


Well, title look simple but do you know how to connect to DPM 2010 SQL Server which included together as part of the installation.

As everyone thought this is an easy way: Just use SQL Management Studio. Anyway, you’ve tested and enter the server name and authentication but still fail to login.

Here is an additional info that you require in order to successful login into SQL Server for DPM 2010.

1. Right click SQL Server Management Studio and select Run As administrator.


2. Here you need to enter the following on server name

a) dpmservername\msdpm2010 or

b) .\msdpm2010



Once you’re inside, then you can perform SQL administration work including creating report from predefined sql view.

Simple and Easy,

Since 25th is coming. I Wish “Merry Christmas” to  visitors and Happy Holiday.