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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Part 9 - Building VDI using Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

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Here is Part 9 of Building VDI using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) which will focus on configuring Guest VM which running on Windows XP. If you refer to Part 3, i'm focused on configure for Windows 7. Now how about Windows XP?

After the XP virtual machines are installed and configured for the domain, you must configure them to work with Remote Desktop Services. The following steps must be configured on each virtual machine:

Task 1: Enable Remote Desktop.
1.Click Start, click Control Panel, and then click Performance and Maintenance
2.Click System
3.Click the Remote tab, select the Allow users to connect remotely to this computer check box, and then click OK

Task 2: Windows Firewall set up to allow exceptions
1.In the Control Panel, click Security Center
2.Under Manage security settings for, click Windows Firewall
3.Make sure the Don't allow exceptions check box is not selected.
4.Click the Exceptions tab, and verify that the Remote Desktop check box is selected.
5.Click OK, and then close the Windows Security Center window.

Your host computer is now set up to allow remote access.

Task 3: Execute Script.
1. Copy the script XPVDI-Client.vbs from!214 and execute inside the XP Virtual Machine.
Task 4- Enable Rollback on a virtual machine

Once you've complete all the configuration, you need to enable rollback. This allow VM to revert to original state once the user has log off. No data is saved into the VM. Please do not save your data inside the VM.

1. Open Hyper-V Manager. To open Hyper-V Manager, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Hyper-V Manager.
2. Under Virtual Machines, right-click, and then click Snapshot.
3. Under Snapshots, right-click, and then click Rename.
4. Type RDV_Rollback and then press ENTER. (Must use the exact snapshot name)
5.Cose Hyper-V Manager.

Task 5 - Verify Remote Desktop
1. Use your client computer and Open Remote desktop connection. Click Start , on the search program and files , enter "mstsc" and press Enter
2. Key in "VDI01-WinXP" (XP VM Computer name)and click Connect
3. Provide security authentication by enter username: -ms4u\vdiuser1 and the password is P@ssw0rd.
4. Click Ok
5. Make sure you can log on to the VM.

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