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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hyper V Manager snap-in Changes in SP1 RC

Here is the changes on the Hyper V Manager snap-in when you've installed RC.

a) Beta version GUI
You will see additional column called "Memory Available".

b) RC version GUI

Compare both GUI and you will notice that in RC,
a) "Current Memory" has renamed to "Assigned Memory". It indicated the total memory currently allocated to virtual machine out of the pooled physical memory on the host.
b) Memory Demand Column added. It indicated how much memory the virtual machine needs at this time to meet the requirements of the active processes running in the virtual machine. This amount is equal to the total committed memory within the VM.
c) Memory Status Column added. Rather than seeing positive and negative value in percentage (Memory Available), product group has changed the status to Word.

I will discuss more detail on Memory Status in another post.