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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Part 8 - Building VDI using Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Update on the link from previous articles:-
Part 1: Overview and Initial Configuration
Part 2: Install RD Roles
Part 3: Guest VM Configuration
Part 4: RD Session Host Configuration
Part 5: RD Connection Broker
Part 6: PersonalVirtual Desktop (Static)
Part 7: Virtual Desktop Pool (Dynamic)

Here is Part 8 of Building VDI using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) which will focus on configuring RD Web Access. Almost complete the configuration.

Without wasting anymore time, let look into the configuration
1. Log on to RDSGatewayWeb VM with administrative rights.
2. Open Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration snap in. Click Start, Administrative Tools, Remote Desktop Services, Remote Desktop Web Access Configuration

3. Log in to Remote Desktop Web Access with administrative rights

      username: ms4u\administrator
      Password:  P@ssw0rd

You must sign in using administrative right to perform the configuration in RD Web Access.

4. Click Sign in button

5. On configuration, select an RD Connection Broker server as the source to use and enter the name


6. Click OK button

7.Click on sign out button.
Quite simple and straight forward.  click here for part 9.