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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Changing iSCSI Shared Storage IP Address After Setup Failover Cluster

Well, today i took a risk during a deployment. Here is how the story begin.

Task performed:-Setup Failover Cluster on 4 nodes with iSCSI Shared Storage.

Everything work fine but then suddenly need to change iSCSI Shared Storage Ip Address and on different subnet. Gosh !

Now the question is
1.Should i remove High Availability Virtual Machine (HAVM)?
2.Should i destroy the cluster?
3. Should i format the LUN during setup again Failover Cluster?

To be on safe side, here is what i do:
1. Shutdown the entire HAVM
2. Use Export feature to backup the Virtual Machine from the iSCSI Shared Storage and store in Physical Host.
3. Disconnect session and remove old iSCSI Target ip address
4. Change the iSCSI Shared Storage IP Address
5. Put the new iSCSI Target ip address and reconnect the LUN.
6. Connect to Failover Cluster Manager and reconnect the cluster.
7. Online the Disk from Failover Cluster Manager.
8. Restart the node to verify the configuration.

Guess what?
Without destroy the cluster everything work just fine. Look like no chance to import the Virtual machine.
At least i took a precaution in case any failure.