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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Windows 8 Hyper-V Requirement


Hyper-V for Windows 8 will have new requirements. These new requirements are

  • SLAT (Second Level Address Translation)
  • 64 bit Operating System
  • 4 GB

Next question is how do you verify that your laptop / hardware can support SLAT?

To verify , download Coreinfo from here. Then execute

coreinfo.exe -v

Here is the sample result which i obtained:-

Sample #1:


Sample #2:


For Intel processor:- refer to EPT for SLAT

For AMD processor:-refer to NPT for SLAT


* = supported for that feature

- = no support for that feature


  1. Is Hyper-V any different than Virtual PC? Will Windows itself be running virtualized? Will Hyper-V solve any of the hardware limitations of Virtual PC? Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. Hi Jakson0100,

    Q1. Yes. Totally different.Current version Hyper-V R2 is better than Virtual PC. The next release Hyper-V V3(Windows 8) for client also will enjoy the same benefit.
    Q2: It is now supported to have VM running as operating system for physical server. This concept is called Boot from VHD. My latest blog:- talk about it. Besides that, with VMM 2012 it will use VHD to deploy as base operating system to run Hyper-V host.
    Q3. Sure. Hyper-V is far better than Virtual PC.

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