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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Server App-V Introduction


[Updated : 14 July 2012]
Server App-V is available with VMM 2012. Server App-V is not a product that you can buy from the shelves and not even you can download separately. However, it is one of the features on SCVMM 2012.
Traditional deployment of application:-
An application team deploy and configure an application would roughly took them 4 hours. Well, 4 hours is consider not well long. But how about , they need to deploy 5 VM with the similar application.
That would end up, 20 hours ! Then another request to deploy into 10 VMs, 20VMs. …wow that would waste a lot of time of the deployment.
But with Server App-V and VMM 2012, an application team can reduce the deployment time.
  • Deploy Application to Sequencer VM
  • Sequence the installation and configuration changes by using Server App-V
  • Final package created
  • Store the application package into VMM Library
  • Use VMM to provision new VM and deploy application as Virtual package
To install Server App-V, user can get the installer inside VMM 2012 RC. Just navigate to D:\SAV\amd64\SeqSetup.exe
  • D is DVDROM.
  • amd64 – for 64 bit Server OS
  • i386 – for 32 bit Server OS
In my scenario, i have install the Server App-V Sequencer at Windows Server 2008 R2 + SP1.
Before start sequencing an application, remember to create an Initial Snapshot to the Sequencer VM. The reason why you need to create a snapshot is because you need revert to a fresh operating system each time when you finish sequence an application. With Hyper-V snapshot, you will be able to apply and revert to previous state of the operating system.
Below is the Server App-V Sequencer program when you want to create an application package and modify an existing package.
Finally, below is the simple video on how to sequence MySQL application using Server App-V:

Sequence MySQL using Server App-V from Yoong Seng Lai on Vimeo.