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Friday, September 2, 2011

Perform Item Level Recovery (ILR) When DPM 2012 is Running on a Virtual Machine


DPM 2010 logo

Finally DPM 2012 Beta has released to public. For those of your who would like to evaluate DPM 2012 Beta, you can get it from here.

Allow me to walkthrough on the GUI enhancement:

Ribbon (on the top) :- “I love it” . No more action pane on the left side


Pane (on the left):-


If you’re familiar with DPM 2010 concept, then it is quite easy for you to play around with DPM 2012 Beta.

Now before we go deep, for the benefit of people who do not know the concept of item level recovery for Virtual Machine, ILR referring users can recover a file inside the virtual machine without recover the entire virtual machine.


If you are familiar with DPM 2010, previously users can perform Item Level Recovery when DPM is install on physical server with Hyper-V roles enabled and require hardware assisted virtualization technology.

However based on my testing using DPM 2012 Beta, users can now perform Item Level Recovery when DPM is running inside a Virtual Machine.

Finally ! Let me share the image snapshot to recover a file from a Virtual Machine backup.



1. Click on Recovery, select the Hyper-V Host and expand the VM.

2. On Recoverable Item, just double click until you find the file that you want to recover.

3. To recover, select the file, right click and select Recover.

4. Continue with the Recovery Wizard.

Lastly, another cool enhancement for Hyper-V is faster Hyper-V Backup (Express Full) support for standalone Hyper-V hosts.