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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Presentation:-Virtualising Your Data Centre


In today session at Microsoft Malaysia Auditorium, i have presented a session about “Virtualising Your Data Centre”. This session covered about architecture of VMM 2012, four pillar of management (deployment, fabric, cloud and services) and lot of cool demo for every pillar of management.

Demo shown:-

  • High Availability of VMM 2012
  • Bare Metal deployment of Hyper-V Host
  • Managing Citrix XenServer
  • Managing Vmware ESX
  • Patching Your Cluster Hyper-V using VMM
  • Private Cloud
  • Service Designer Template

Here is the slide of today presentation:-

Here is the video recording of the session:-

Virtualising Your Data Center from Yoong Seng Lai on Vimeo.