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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mobile App for Microsoft Operation Management Suite (OMS) is Available


OMS Mobile App is now available to public and its provides you with anywhere access to information about your IT infrastructure. To open it, you need to sign in using Microsoft OMS Account/Azure. To know more about OMS, check out our previous post and AD Intelligent Pack.

Let have a quick look on OMS Mobile App on Android.

2015-10-22 04.55.10

Begin by download mobile app,

  • Android –Click here
  • Apple – Click here
  • Windows Phone – Click here

Then login using OMS account and select your OMS workspace.

2015-10-22 04.04.28

First screen is view you common dashboard to provide a summary of your IT infrastructure. Customer can select time range from last 1h - 7 days.

2015-10-22 04.07.16
Customer able to rearrange dashboard according to your preferred view. (priority on top & low priority put it last)
Then you able to drill down to view more details information and filter results

2015-10-22 04.07.24

2015-10-22 04.11.21

Feel free to check out yourself if you have Operation Management Suite.

For more info about OMS, click here.