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Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 0 - VeeamOn 2015

Hey folks, this week I am attending VeeamOn 2015 at Las Vegas ( I have invited to VeeamOn by Veeam as part of Veeam Vanguard program (

We will try our best to cover as much as we can during our trip .


KL - Narita - Using ANA Nippon Airline ( 7h+)
Narita - San Francisco - Using ANA Nippon Airline ( 9h+)
San Francisco - Las Vegas - Using United Airline (1h +)
Total flight around 20+ including transit waiting time.

This round we are quite satisfy our flight experience when travelling to United States.

Event registration

Registration was quite smooth. Below is my SWAG after registration.

p/s: Quite huge the poster. I will bring back to digest later. :) 

Hotel Check-in
Checked in to Aria Resort in Las Vegas ( where VeeamOn 2015: The World's Premier Data Center Availability Event was held from 26 - 29 Oct 2015.

Welcome Party
After registration , Veeam organized a simple welcome party at Aria Pool side.

Stay Tuned for Day 1.