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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Convert Generation 2 Virtual Machine to Generation 1 Virtual Machine


Well, you may feel weird that got a request to convert Generation 2 VM to Generation 1 Virtual Machine. At this moment, we cannot find any tool to perform this task. However we found one!

One of the reason to convert Gen 2 to Gen 1 VM is due to migration an existing virtual machine to Microsoft Azure and at the moment of writing this article, only Gen 1 VM is supported. And you need to perform this type of conversion.

Meanwhile, If you have Vmware VM running EFI/GPT, you can convert to Generation 2 VM but not to Gen 1 by using some conversion tools.

So what’s the tool to convert Gen 2 to Gen 1 Virtual Machine?

The answer is….. Platespin Migrate 11.

[ Platespin Migrate 11 Console]

  • Discover your source server
  • Perform conversion either select action Copy, Move, Capture & Deploy



[ Our test result- Successful]

  • VMware EFI VM with GPT disk to Generation 1 VM – Bios Based/ MBR Disk
  • Generation 2 Hyper-V VM to Generation 1 Hyper-V VM

Job status:-


Generation 1 VM :


To know more about Platespin Migrate, please click here.

Do you know other tools that can perform similar jobs? If yes, please let us know.. Stay tuned..