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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Slide Session: How Secure is Azure, Common Scenario to Start With and MAP Toolkit


Today we had a workshop organized by Microsoft Malaysia. The workshop session was about Windows Server 2003 End of Support and here is our agenda.


I’ve presented three session during this workshop.

Feel free to view the slide

Session 1:- How Secure is Azure?

In this session, we have talked about security of Microsoft Azure that most customer concern with. We go through on physical security, communication traffic, storage, virtual machine, data, identity and access.

Session 2:- Common Scenario to Start With

In this session, we have talked about few customer scenario on migration and few scenario to migrate Windows Server 2003 workload to on-premise, Azure and Hybrid Cloud.

Session 3: MAP Toolkit

In this session, we have walkthrough on how MAP toolkit play an important roles to perform inventory,  performance assessment and server consolidation on desktop, server, virtualization and VM readiness at Microsoft Azure