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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Windows Azure New Offers–June 4, 2013


Good news! Yesterday during Microsoft Tech-Ed North America 2013 keynote, Microsoft has make an announcement regarding Windows Azure new offers.

1st News: No Charge for stopped VMs


Horray! It is one of the best news. No charge for stopped VMs. Previously any stopped VM will be charged but now we no longer need to delete those stopped VM during testing period.

2nd News: Bill per minute


Previously we was billed based on per hour basis. If your running VMs has turned “ON” for 20 minutes, you will be billed based on a hour. But with the new billing, you will only be billed per minute.(pro-rate from an hour charges)

3rd News : New discounted hourly rates


Note:- Applicable for MSDN Dev/ Test Rates and if you’ve exceeded the MSDN credit limit.

4th News : No Charge for the testing


There will be no charges when you create a virtual machine and install with either Sharepoint, Visual Studio, SQL Server and Biz Talk Server 2013.

5th News : MSDN Credit


For MSDN subscriber, you will be given an MSDN Credit based on your subscription. I just login to Windows Azure portal and saw my account is ready to switch “MSDN credit” in order to use the new credit. All you need to do is click on the link (according to red arrow) and wait for a week.  After you have take the offer, the 1st month will be given $200 credit and subsequent month will be charges based on your MSDN credit.

Let say you plan not to take the offer, then your account will be automatically converted to use credit starting from 1st August 2013.


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