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Friday, June 28, 2013

DELL PowerEdge VRTX Launching in Malaysia


DELL PowerEdge VRTX (“Vertex”)– a remote office converged hardware solution. I just came back from attending DELL PowerEdge VRTX launching event. What make me so interesting about this piece of solution is a combination of servers, shared storage, I/O in the forms of PCIe slots and networking into 5U tower chasis.

Maximum configuration that this hardware can support:-

  • up to 4 server nodes (blades)
  • up to 25 X 2.5” hot swap drives
  • up to 3TB of RAM
  • 64 processing cores
  • 48 TB of storage
  • 8 X 1 Gbps Ethernet port pass through module
  • Redundant power supply

I managed to take some picture on this hardware:-



Well, it would be a great hardware solution for Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization deployment. For more information, please visit this link and check out the youtube video: