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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Storage Live Migration available in Windows Server Developer Preview

In my last post, I've talked about live migration without cluster storage. Let move on to next testing.

This round on the same option, i can perform storage live migration:whereby i can move the Virtual Machine from one storage location to another storage location without shutdown the VM and 0 downtime.

Let recap on current version of VMM 2008 R2. With current version you can perform quick storage migration which allow you to move VM from one storage to another storage.

Next question is when we mostly use storage migration ?

Most of the time, we move from one smaller LUN to bigger LUN or low capability of LUN (RAID 5) to high capability of LUN (RAID 10). However, you will realise there will be downtime when performing storage migration and downtime occur when the system perform snapshot.

Now with Hyper-V Vnext using Hyper-V Manager console, we can perform Storage Live migration, you  without causing downtime.

Here is the screenshot:-


I've run a continuous ping/ RDP to verify that the connection is still intact. This time round, 1ms appeared consistent on the ping result as the transferring of VHD and configuration did not use any network card.

Without we realise, the VHD has moved to new storage location. Great features!