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Monday, October 24, 2011

Test iSCSI Shared Storage Using Windows Server Developer Preview


Last week Microsoft has released iSCSI Target 3.3 with the latest QFE. If you’re interested to build iSCSI Shared Storage which supported by Microsoft, please feel free to get it from here:-

But today, i’m not going to look into iSCSI Target 3.3. Let have a look on how to build iSCSI Shared Storage using Windows Server Developer Preview. This component is not a separate download but included as part of the roles which available in the operating system.

All you need to do is add roles File Services roles. Then tick iSCSI Target Server on File Services.


Once you have added the roles, you can use Server Manager to create iSCSI Target and iSCSI Virtual Disk. Here is the screenshot:-

1. Create Virtual Disk

2. Assign Virtual Disk with iSCSI Target


3. Connect to target using iSCSI Initiator


Note:- This version (included in Windows Server Developer Preview) is not supported in production as similar as iSCSI Target 3.3. But you can build an iSCSI Shared Storage for your lab environment using this version. So Enjoy !