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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit 6.5 Beta


Hot from oven. MAP 6.5 Beta just released. The latest release from the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) team provides organizations with tools to simplify public and private cloud migration planning.

Here is the key features:-

  • Analyze your portfolio of applications for a move to the Windows Azure platform.
  • Accelerate private and public cloud planning with Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track Onboarding.
  • Identify migration opportunities with enhanced heterogeneous server environment inventory.
  • NEW! Assess your usage of Microsoft software with the Software Usage Tracking feature.
  • Discover Oracle instances on Itanium-based servers for migration to SQL Server.

MAP 6.5 beta included with new GUI interface and here is the screenshot:-


It is now easy to use and let check on what’s new for virtualization perspective. Just follow step 1-5. Each step complete will provide a summary result.


New ! Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track. Included with 5 sample of Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track. You can create your own Fast Track resources from “Step 3-Create a Hardware Configuration”



To download:- Click here