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Monday, November 15, 2010

Sneak Preview of MAP 5.5 Beta

As i have posted about the release of MAP5.5 in my previous blog (Click here), let have a sneak preview on the latest changes.

Sneak Preview 1: New layout. Allow you to select or create new database. You can add description on each database for easy identification. Manage button allow you to import/export the MAP database.

Sneak Preview 2: Export/Import MAP Database

Sneak Preview 3: More discovery product and Capacity Result

Sneak Preview 4: More list on hardware library. Each hardware come with it own detail of CPU information. This provide more accurate result on server consolidation.

Sneak Preview 5: Customize Server Consolidation Assessment. After perform server consolidation, you can edit /hide server which do not has performance assessment result without rerun server consolidation task.

I'm starting to like the latest MAP 5.5 Beta.