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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Opalis Policy- Start Fail Services

I have created a simple opalis policy to automatically start services which has in stop state. In this example, i have created a policy to monitor multiple server on two services: Print Spooler and Netlogon Services.

Here is the policy workflow:-

Monitor every 5 second on multiple server and services. Firstly, check the status of the services. If the services is stop, then initiate start the service.

Service A - Print Spooler
Service B - Netlogon

On Monitor Date/Time Object, i have specify to monitor every 5 second.

On Get Service Status A and B:-

You will notice that Computer is listed as [Test VM]. I have created a computer group and put multiple computer together.

On the services, specify
Service A- Print Spooler
Service B - Netlogon

Too bad, no grouping of services that i can create. That's the reason why you will see i have created 2 flow.

On the Start/Stop Service A object:-
 I've specify the object to start the Print Spooler service if the state is stop.

Meanwhile, On the Start/Stop Service B object:-

I've specify the object to start the Netlogon service if the state is stop.

Once you have complete the flow, Execute "Check In" and Click "Start" to start the policy automation.

Finally run a test to stop the Print Spooler Services and Netlogon Services on the monitor server. You will see both services will start automatically. To verify if the service is start by Opalis, you can create another flow at the end to send notification to your email address or Event Viewer.

Here is my sample policy - Click here to enter Opalis Policy folder. Quite simple and easy way to play around with Opalis. I will explore on System Center Integration Pack later. Stay Tuned for more policy...