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Friday, November 26, 2010

ERR9999 after VMM SSP 2.0 installation

For those of you who has start the VMM SSP 2.0 installation and encounter below error message:-

" ERR9999 "

Here is some of the thing that you can try to resolve the above issue.

a) Check on VMM Server and make sure all services (automatic) is started
b) On SQL Database Service, make sure it is started as well.
c) If SQL Database is set to dynamic port (skip this step if using default port 1433), you can go to VMM SSP web.conf file, located in VMM SSP Installation folder\Portal directory

add name="MicrosoftDDTKConnectionString" connectionString="Data source=ddcscvmm,1433; Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=DITSC"

Remove 1433 port number. End result should be
add name="MicrosoftDDTKConnectionString" connectionString="Data source=ddcscvmm; Integrated Security=true; Initial Catalog=DITSC"

d) If SQL Server is using default port number (1433), then make sure that during the installation of VMM SSP 2 you are using domain admin account to configure on Application Pool Identity. If not, to solve this issue, navigate to IIS Manager > Application Pool > VMMSSPAppPool > Right Click and Select Advanced Settings. In Process Model - Identity, change to domain\administrator account. Once complete, right click the application pool and Recycle.

Finally, try to browse the VMM SSP web site.