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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5Nine Manager for Hyper V


Firstly, Thanks to Ivailo for his recommendation on 5Nine Manager Hyper V Management.

It is an additional management tool that you can install on Server Core or 64x operating system: “5Nine Manager for Hyper V”

What’s so great?

Here is some sneak preview of this FREE tools available to user who would like to consider an additional Hyper V management tool.


It is similar as Hyper V Manager mmc snap-in but with additional cool stuffs.

On the

a) top left (Virtual machine) – When right click the VM, you can perform action as display below.

When VM is running:-


When VM is stop:


b) Resource Monitor – view server performance in term of Processor, Memory, Network and Storage.


c) Middle – view VM status, management, hardware setting, snapshot and VM performance. In the middle, you can also interact with the VM when connect to Guest Console.



If you’ve used Hyper V Manager mmc snap-in before, you will find that most of the tasks is similar when using 5Nine Manager for Hyper V. Give it a try and you will find more additional features.

To download - (FREE).

I will give this management tool rating :-  *****


  1. Hi Lai,

    Something I think I should add - this tool allows you to connect to hyper-v hosts, that are not joined in your client's (or wherever you start the tool) domain - something that is impossible with the Hyper-V mmc snap-in.

  2. If you have the manger free installer please upload it somwhere so i can download the tool.

  3. Hi Maniax,

    This product is no available as FREE stuff. Sorry, can't locate my previous installer.However Cloud Backup is now available as FREE for testing. If interested, kindly refer to