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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No Value Display After Insert VMM Management Pack


Well, I have just insert VMM 2008 R2 MP into SCOM using VMM CD. Everything went out smooth and MP installed. From the monitoring pane, you can see the  VMM View as shown below.


But the problem is why no data display for each view? From SCOM, I can see Hyper V host agent status and get alert as well. I start to notice when I create a Host group to group all Hyper V Host using VMM Hyper V Host target but i can’t get any result. This is weird and I thought I have did something bad. Therefore I realize I’ve forgot to do 1 step: Integrate with VMM configuration. For more detail, please refer to

But I don’t want to enable PRO TIP feature. So on VMM, I just uncheck PRO TIPS . For more detail, please refer to

After the configuration with the VMM integration, finally VMM View start to display data.

Then the Group that I’ve created for Hyper V Host, start to shown all the Hyper V Host.

Gosh! I thought by just installing the MP, i will able to see the data without integrate with VMM. Guess , I’m wrong…