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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Missing Streamed VM Setup Wizard on Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1


Just playing around with Citrix Xendesktop 5 since outside is raining for a whole day and i’m too lazy to go out.

At this stage, i have reached until Citrix Provisioning Services 5.6 and would like to provisioning multiple stream VM to use with Microsoft Hyper V hypervisor with SCVMM in order for successful on VDI deployment.

If you try to read Citrix eDocs you will realise that most deployment is focus on Citrix XenServer hypervisor and exploring on using Microsoft Hyper V is quite challenging. Most probably because the product is still new and documentation probably on the way.

Nevertheless this will not stop me from proceed with the research on streaming virtual machine using Citrix Provisioning 5.6

So, i have installed Citrix provisioning services 5.6 with SP1 and create master target device, but the next question that pop up on my head is “How to provision multiple VM?”.

More ???? as what I'm recall from Xendesktop 4 is using Xendesktop Setup Wizard but can’t find anything on the CD which i have downloaded from MyCitrix.

After searching on Citrix Knowledge Center, then i manage to locate the problem. I need to install Hotfix CPVS56SP1E016 for Provisioning Services 5.6 SP1. Proceed to MyCitrix and download the hotfix.

Then Just apply the hotfix to PVS server with the following order:

  • ServerPatch_64.msp
  • HostPowerShellSnapin_x64

Then open back PVS Console snap in and manage to find the Streamed VM Setup Wizard.


Now i can proceed to create my streaming VM without any problem.

So Hyper V folk, remember to apply this hotfix if you plan to use Citrix Provisioning Services with Hyper V and VMM on your VDI deployment.


“Virtual Lai”