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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

5Nine Manager for Hyper V


Firstly, Thanks to Ivailo for his recommendation on 5Nine Manager Hyper V Management.

It is an additional management tool that you can install on Server Core or 64x operating system: “5Nine Manager for Hyper V”

What’s so great?

Here is some sneak preview of this FREE tools available to user who would like to consider an additional Hyper V management tool.


It is similar as Hyper V Manager mmc snap-in but with additional cool stuffs.

On the

a) top left (Virtual machine) – When right click the VM, you can perform action as display below.

When VM is running:-


When VM is stop:


b) Resource Monitor – view server performance in term of Processor, Memory, Network and Storage.


c) Middle – view VM status, management, hardware setting, snapshot and VM performance. In the middle, you can also interact with the VM when connect to Guest Console.



If you’ve used Hyper V Manager mmc snap-in before, you will find that most of the tasks is similar when using 5Nine Manager for Hyper V. Give it a try and you will find more additional features.

To download - (FREE).

I will give this management tool rating :-  *****