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Friday, February 19, 2021

Restore SQL Database with NoRecovery option Using Veeam

 In this post, we are looking into how to recover Microsoft sql database for SQL mirroring setup. A quick guide rather than step by step. 

Before you use Microsoft SQL Management Studio to configure mirroring, you need to back up the database and restore as NoRecovery state.


  • Configure to backup using Veeam Backup & Replication or use Veeam agent
  • Backup policy enable application-aware setting & backup the transaction log

  • Run a backup


Note: Tested on Veeam Backup version 9.5 Update 4b, v10a and v11

  • Use Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL to restore the database.
  • When come to after define the specific database files target location page, you will have a page to select the state that would like to recover.

  • Select "NoRecovery"
  • Proceed with recovery

[End result]

Database restored

Example:- DB4. DB will be in "Restoring state"

You can proceed to configure mirroring and bind to DB4. Mirrored success will look like DB1