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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Create Azure Archive Tier Storage

In this post, we are going to check out how to create azure archive tier storage, as a good location for long term data retention.

To do so, access to Azure portal (

Click + Create Storage

Enter the storage account name, select Locally Redundant Storage replication & Leave the rest default settings

On Advanced Tab, change blob access tier to "Cold". Remember to change to COLD

Review the settings & create storage.

Once done,  go to Blob Service | Containers | Create Container ( + Container) to store your data

The way that you configure the above steps is basically to set up a storage account as usual and initially configure it as 'Cool' storage (since you. can't do Archive storage directly). You then upload files there (typically using Azure Storage Explorer). The final piece of the puzzle is to change the access tier from 'Cool" to 'Archive" by right click mouse clicking on the item. 

For backup data, you can accomplish this by using Veeam v11- Azure Archive Tier. 

Stay Tuned on v11.