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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Error "Move All Backup Files to the New Backup Repository First"

We received an error message from Veeam One V9 which reported our lab environment backup repository is running out of hard disk space and backup job start to failed.

Screenshot on Veeam One Monitor which reported backup repository has no free space:-

Screenshot on email notification:-

Then we use Veeam Backup and Replication Console to change the backup path but encountered this error message which request us to move existing backup files first.

You can increase your backup repository hdd size. But how about your current backup repository has limited size. Lucky enough that Veeam VBR allowed us to add an additional backup repository and move to new destination. To do so, please follow below step:

[ Resolution ]

1. Use VBR Console to remove from backup. Select your backup and "Remove from configuration"

2. Manual copy backup from existing backup repository to new repository

 3. Click Rescan repository both backup repository

 4. Then go to Jobs to edit existing backup job and change to new repository path.
5. Finally try perform a backup and you will notice backup is now working as expected.

Simple right! Please try this method when your current backup repository is running out of space and you would like to move to new backup repository.