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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Datacenter Management Made Simple With OMS

FREE WHITEPAPER on OMS. Download whitepaper here.

An IT outage always leads to a negative business impact on your organization. Modern data centers need extra care with simplified management and strong analytical capabilities to predict and prevent disasters.  Learn how to simplify your datacenter management in Savision’s new whitepaper, entitled: 'Born in the Cloud: Monitoring Linux Workloads with OMS'.

Savision’s free whitepaper, written by Microsoft MVP Janaka Rangama, focuses on monitoring Linux workloads with OMS for analytics, proactive monitoring and resource utilization in your heterogeneous data center environment. The whitepaper provides insights on how organizations can combine the existing System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) environments with OMS.
Find out how to gain control over modern hybrid clouds and how to extend OMS with business service management information. With this whitepaper, you will learn how to ensure that you can directly know how all that detailed log data impacts your business and service levels.

This whitepaper will focus on:
·         What is Microsoft Operations Management Suite? How can it simplify data center management?
·         How can you leverage OMS Log Analytics to analyze, predict and protect your Linux workloads?
·         How can you integrate System Center Operations Manager with OMS for extended monitoring?
·         How can you harness the power of Business Service Management using Savision Live Maps Unity and Microsoft OMS?

You can download your copy of the whitepaper here: