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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Event ID 12293–Volume Shadow Copy Service Error–Error Calling a Routine on a Shadow Copy Provider


Recently encountered the following error when checking DPM backup a virtual machine and the VM failed to backup. The error message displayed on the Hyper-V Event viewer was

“Event ID 12293 –Volume Shadow Copy Service Error – Error Calling a routine on a shadow copy provider”

If executed “vssadmin list writers” and check the Hyper-V Writer was indicated as Error and VMs was not backup.


Event viewer reported event id: 12293


Our SAN Storage is MD3200.


This issue occurred is due to

1. Missing 2 SAS cable to the DAS (no redundant connection)

2. When open SAN console, received an error message “Need an Attention”


3. The error indicated the Virtual Disk Not on Preferred Path on certain LUN.


4. Temporary solution while getting an additional 2 SAS cable is force set to preferred path for the particular LUN. For my case is,

a) Select the LUN

b) Change | Ownership Preferred Path | RAID Controller Module in Slot 1 (Preferred)


After set the following setting, we was able to backup the virtual machine by using DPM without any issue.