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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

P2V using Hyper V Manager snap in- VHD copy.

Basically Hyper V Manager snap-in is included a limited P2V features .You can use Hyper V Manager to perform physical data copy to VHD. Sound interesting right!.

Here is the condition in order for this process to be successful:-
a) Limited to data disk. No operating system disk migration
b) Limited to converting physical disk rather than volume or partition.
c) Data disk conversion should not be accessible by other users. It is recommended to remove the drive letter to avoid user or physical host operating system access to the disk data
d) Sufficient free hard disk size for conversion.

Let look into how can we perform this process:-

1. On Hyper V manager, under Action pane, select New > Hard Disk

2.Select fixed or dynamic disk

3. Enter VHD name

4. This is the place whereby you specify P2V. Select option "Copy the contents of the specified physical disk" and select the disk that contain the data. (For my environment, file://physicaldrive1/ contain data)

5.Click Finish to start the copying process.

This process will take a considerable amount of time depending on the amount of physical disk size. Once the conversion has complete, you can attach this VHD as a secondary disk.