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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Unable to designate host as a Hyper V host in SCE 2010. Error ID 10443

On my previous article, i have mentioned on how to adding a host for Hyper V. It is quite an easy process in System Center Essential 2010. But when you try to add a cluster host, you will receive an error message

" Unable to designate host as Hyper host. Error Id : 10443."

Full error message as displayed below:-

You need to write several powershell command in order to solve this issue as suggested in the error message. Well, it is not as easy as writing a single line of code. I have tested using Add-VmHostCluster command alone but it is not working. Let look into more detail on how to do it.

1. Open a notepad and start writing below code

Save it with an extension .ps1

2. Use Powershell, execute command "set-executionpolicy remotesigned" to enable for execution of script.
If you did not enable execution of script, you will receive an error as shown in below figure (red error message".

Type 'Y' for the Execution policy change.

3.  Run .\addhostcluster.ps1 (my powershell script name). The first command that the system will ask is the credential. Enter a valid credential.

4. Below is some screen shot activities performed by the script.
The second command will connect to SCE host

5. The third command will  add the cluster host into SCE.

6. A Clusted host is added into SCE. You can use the SCE console to verify.

Once all host is added into SCE, you can start to manage the Virtual Machine.
Stay Tune for more excitement on Virtualization management via SCE 2010.