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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Migration of Virtual Server to Hyper V

I've performed migration from Virtual Server 2005 to Hyper V.
Dell Poweredge 2950 is used to host Hyper V.

Previously VM is running on Virtual Server 2005 whereby it is not a suitable product to host VM. The limitation of Virtual Server 2005 R2:-

a) Limited 1 processor with only 25% utilization.
b) Running on top of host operating system. This has caused VM running in Virtual Server is consider slow and take a lot of resources.
c) Only host 32x platform VM
d) No snapshot
e) Max 3.6 GB RAM

With the migration to Hyper V, the performance of the VM has increase. Some important features of Hyper V:-
a) hypervisor based virtualization. Child VM is directly access to the resources
b) support 32x and 64x platform VM
c) Snapshot is included.
d) Can support more than 3.6GB RAM per VM
e) Fully utilize processor. Up to 32 logical processor is supported.
and a lot more...

Read the experiment lab result (Hyper V, Xen, Vmware) from

Cheer Hyper V !!!