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Friday, June 12, 2009

Deploy OS over the network


For those whose are familar with RIS,you may know how this is working.

In Windows Server 2008, RIS roles has changed to Windows Deployment Server (WDS). All you need to do is Install WDS roles, Put the boot Image and Install Image into the WDS.

One of the cool stuff that i tested today is Create an image with all the package/setting. Almost similar like "Ghost" concept.

a) Sysprep the source machine (Machine A).
b) Create a Boot Image (example: CaptureImage.
c) Then boot a machine A which is support with PXE boot.
d) Select CaptureImage option and start to capture your image.
e) After finish Capture the image. The wim must put into Install Image.
f) Lastly, boot all your computer with selecting the original OS Boot Image and select the Image that you have put in the step e.

This process can save a lot of your time when mass deploying of the operating system in your environment.