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Friday, November 24, 2023

Internal - Change Corporate Password and Sync with Macbook

This note is only for my own internal reference only. [Not applicable for public use] 

  1. Change your corporate password using web . 
  2. Login to MacBook using old password
  3. Connect to Cisco VPN using new corporate credential
  4. On the menu bar, click the key icon to login to corporate. Use new credential. It will say password expired in 9 days. Just log out
  5. On the key icon, login again with new corporate credential
  6. A prompt will ask to enter corporate AD pwd 

a) enter AD - new pwd

b) enter Mac - old pwd

  1. Click on Sync, since both pwd is not in sync
  2. After sync, it will prompt with result successful
  3. Lock your Mac
  4. Relogin with new password
  5. If log off, please remember your username
  6. Relogin with you Mac username & new password