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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Install NFS Server Roles on Windows Server 2016

In this post, we are going to install NFS Server roles on Windows Server 2016. NFS share is different from SMB share.

  • SMB is the standard for Windows
  • NFS is perfect for UNIX

Both are good for file sharing purpose.

It is a simple step. Just go to Server Manager | Add Roles & Features

NFS Server roles are located under "File and Storage Services"

If you fail to install the role, do refer to this post.

Once role installed, proceed to create an NFS share.

1. Create a new directory called "NFSRepo". Right click | Properties. Select Manage NFS Sharing

Tick share this folder. Leave the setting default. Click on permission to set security right

Add a new permission. Enter
  • Unix Server IP
  • Read-Write permission
  • Allow root access

Below is how it look like:-

The NFS share path will be "Servername:/NFSShare format

We're all done on the NFS Server side configuration.