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Friday, March 9, 2018

Part 2-Setting Up DR Orchestration Using Veeam Availability Orchestrator

Ready for Part 2...
In previous post we have look into how to configure VAO. Next, we will start to use VAO.


  • Start by build a failover plan with one VM
  • Create a failover plan by selecting VM Group
  • Assign step that you want it to perform. 
  • In VAO, have several step that you can use and few test to perform for Microsoft workload.


  • Shutdown VM
  • Process Replica VM
  • Verify SQL Database
  • Verify SQL Port


To backup VM after failover, select Template Job that you have created in Part 1.

Once created a failover plan, you can perform "Run Readiness Check" to verify that step is working fine.

Once  verification passed, you can add more VM Group


Next step is to put the DR Plan to test in isolated environment. You can manual run or schedule to run a test.

On VAO UI, you can view the test status

On Veeam Console, you can view from history


Lastly, you can generate report. Here is one of the sample report on readiness check report.

That's all for today. Give VAO a try if you're interested to orchestrate DR Plan.