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Friday, February 19, 2016

Compute Red Hat Enterprise Linux VM Available on Microsoft Azure

Microsoft has finally released Red Hat Enterprise Linux Compute VM on Microsoft Azure. Now you can provision a RHEL VM from Azure MarketPlace.

To deploy, access Azure Portal (

Two version RHEL VM Images available:

  • RHEL 7.2
  • RHEL 6.7

Both images are available as "Pay as you Go Premium Image". Once deployed, it carries a separate hourly charge that is in additional to Microsoft Linux VM rates.

You can refer to Microsoft Linux VM rates here.

RHEL images charges based on number of cores

a) Virtual machine with up to 4 cores - $0.06/hr
b) Virtual machine with more than 4 cores - $0.13/hr

You can refer to latest RHEL rates here

Besides that, you also can "Bring Your Own License" by use Red Hat Cloud Access to move their Red Hat subscription to Microsoft Azure.

Follow our previous guide here on how to create RHEL Base Images and upload to Microsoft Azure.