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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Win 2016 TP3 : RIP Vmguest.iso Which Use to Install Integration Component


We use to install or upgrade Integration Component on every Virtual Machine that we setup on prior version of Microsoft Hyper-V but in the next release of Microsoft Windows we no longer need to.

Let look on different between prior version vs Windows Server 2016 TP3

  • Prior version of Integration Services Version on Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V.


Note: No value on IC is due to virtual machine is offline. IC version will display on those vm that are power on.

  • On Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview:



  • TP3-SCO01 – running guest operating system Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview.
  • TP3-SCOM1 – running guest operating system  Windows Server 2012 R2

Both virtual machines display value “0”. So how to update if we no longer has an option on Virtual machine connection console?


Good news is Integration Services (IC) will start to delivered through Windows Update. Something to cheer on! So just execute Windows Update on guest virtual machine to get it updated.

This will reduce the IT operational burden to make sure they are up to date.