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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Slide : Disaster Recovery to the Cloud with Microsoft Azure


During Global Azure Bootcamp (2015), i have presented about data protection and site recovery  to protect your workload with one solution for  different infrastructure either hyper-v, vmware, storage or physical server.

Agenda during Global Azure Bootcamp (Malaysia):


Event pictures:


My session:



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Demo video

Demo 1:- Recovery data on laptop from Microsoft Azure by using Microsoft Azure Backup

Description:- In this demo, we show how easy to recover a data when you’re mobile. As long you have laptop and Internet connection, able to use Microsoft Azure Backup to restore data.

Demo 2:- Recover Azure Virtual Machine by using Microsoft Azure Backup

Description:- We can now protect Azure VM by using Azure Backup from the management portal.

Demo 3: ASR Scenario : Hyper-V to Azure

Description:- In this scenario we got 2 workload running on Microsoft Hyper-V (DB & Web). We configure to replication to Microsoft Azure by using ASR. From there, we can perform planned, unplanned and test failover. In this demo, we have executed test failover and clean up after complete our testing.

Demo 4: ASR Scenario:- Vmware/Physical Server to Azure

Description : In this demo, we have look into how easy to move your existing VMware VM or physical server to Microsoft Azure by using ASR with Inmage Scout technology

Demo 5: ASR Scenario:- Vmware to Vmware using Inmage Scout

Description: In this demo, we use Inmage Scout to configure a protection from Vmware host at primary site to secondary site which using Vmware host as well.