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Friday, September 12, 2014

Video Azure Active Directory : Cloud App Discovery


Cloud App Discovery is currently under preview. It come handy when you would like to understand your organization application usage. Once identify application used, the app able to tell you that it is part of the supported SaaS application and you can decide to integrate with Azure Active Directory.

In order for this app to discover, you’re require to install an agent into your desktop/laptop. Then Microsoft Azure AD receives and analyzes logs. Finally it will display the result on the dashboard. Below is the video that I’ve captured based on my user app usage.

Note:- Click on [ ] to view in full screen mode.

An interactive Dashboard which provides an executive summary including:

  1. The total number of cloud applications discovered
  2. The total number of users using these cloud applications
  3. Top 10 applications discovered that can be pivoted by:

    1. Number of web requests to the application
    2. Total volume of data uploaded and downloaded.
    3. Number of unique users.
  4. Usage trends over a selectable duration of time for the top 5 applications discovered.