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Friday, April 4, 2014

Preview Microsoft Azure Portal


Microsoft has just released a preview version of “Microsoft Azure” portal and may replace the existing portal.

Let have a quick look on the portal.

After login, you can view a dashboard and the health of Azure datacenter in a world map with the indicator of the health.


The dashboard can be customize, resize and reorder. You can easily move the item. (Right click | Customize)


Navigation is on the left side compare to previous version which is on the bottom.

Click on Browse will most likely view “Paas resources”.


Click on Billing to view your existing subscription and remaining credit.


Some sample of the billing report


Click on +New to create your resources



Well, at this moment this is just a preview version which has limited features. You still need to just full Azure Portal to create resources and this preview version cannot use to create resources.

The interface was nice. If you’re interested to view the “Preview version of Microsoft Azure”, please visit this link :- Enjoy!