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Thursday, August 22, 2013

How Vulnerable Is Your Hyper-V Server?



This is the most common question that we always ask ? I’m not sure. Well, now I can easily get the answer, thanks to 5Nine who just released 5Nine Security and Scanner for Hyper-V FREE Beta. If you’re interested, feel free to

Download the 5nine Security for Hyper-V FREE!

A bit information about the product:-

  • It’s FREE and doesn't require any software licenses
  • Free Agentless/Host-Based Anti-Virus
    • Reduce capital expenditure by increasing VM density 15-30%
    • No anti-virus storms or crashed machines
    • Save network bandwidth
  • Free Hyper-V Virtual Firewall
    • Secure and Firewall VM's from the outside as well as from each other
  • Free Security and Compliance Scanner
    • Virtual Machines Firewall Protection Status Check
    • Extensive Free AV Check
    • Performance Check
    • IDS Status Check
    • Detailed Executive Report
    • Security Enhancement Recommendations

Let have a look on how vulnerable of our existing Hyper-V server.

Once installed, just double click the icon “5Nine Security and Compliance Scanner" and click Start Scan.


This process will take a while. Let take a break with a cup of coffee……

After a while…

Well, it look like the result is not as good as I’m expecting based on the summary screen.


To know more, click View Report.


We got 2 critical and 2 warnings health detected. Let look deep on the report.

Security section

My system don’t have VM firewall and IDS to protect the infrastructure. Sad smile


Performance section

Based on ratio, CPU performance is adequate but I’ve exhausted memory which I should probably request for an additional memory upgrade to support large workload running on Hyper-V. Smile


Antivirus section

No agentless anti-malware detected to protect our VM.


Hmm…It is time for us to consider security in order to protect our virtualization infrastructure.