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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Windows 8:- Minimum and Maximum Memory Configuration


Product tested:- Windows Server Developer Preview

Few months ago, i have discussed about Dynamic Memory enhancement . This round i am going to explore on how to changing Dynamic Memory for Minimum Memory and Maximum Memory when the VM is running. Not that complex step but just some guidance when changing these memory.

Before boot up:-

1. Configure Start-up Memory

2. Configure Minimum Memory

3. Configure Maximum Memory


  • Start-up – 4GB
  • Min memory – 2 GB
  • Max memory – 8 GB

Configuration when VM is up and running.

Minimum Memory:-

You can lower the memory from 8 MB to 2 GB. If you try to configure more than 2GB , then it will prompt an error “Out of Bounds”.

So if you set to 1200 MB. The next range that you can change is 8MB to 1200 MB.

To increase up to 2GB, then you need to shutdown the VM.


Maximum Memory:-

Same scenario on Maximum Memory. You can change the value from 8GB to maximum allowed. Therefore, you cannot lower the value than 8GB. To change lower value, you need to shutdown the VM. If you set to 10GB, the same behaviour apply (mean from 10GB to max).


Therefore, plan wisely on the configuration before boot up the VM and also when VM is running.

Hope this information is informative.