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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Operation Manager AD integration using MOMADAdmin.exe

You need to make changes in Active Directory to allow publication of OpsMgr Agent assignment data. To do that, you need to execute MomADAdmin.exe which resides in Operation Manager SupportTools folder.

Full syntax:-

MomAdAdmin.exe (management Group name) (MomAdminSecuritygroup) (SCOM Management Server) (domain)

MomAdAdmin.exe MS4uGroup ms4u\scomadmin scomsvr ms4u

The MOMADAdmin tool creates the OperationsManager object (if it doesn’t exist), the folder representing the specific management group and two child objects used for establishing the HealthService service connection point.

Note that the OperationsManager container (as shown below) is only visible when the ‘advanced features’ view is enabled by selecting View > Users,Groups and Computers as Containers in Active Directory Users and Computers.

Then, you can go to Operation Manager console to add the auto assignment. You can do so by clicking on Administration pane > Expand Device management > Management servers > right click SCOM server and select Properties.

Click on Add to the Auto agent Assignment.
Specify the domain, criteria for inclusion and exclusion and manage agent failover. Once complete, check again the Active Directory User and Computer.
Successful publishing will update few more record to the Operation Manager container.