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Monday, November 16, 2009

Item level recovery (ILR) from Virtual machine using DPM 2010 Beta

Besides than support backup for Hyper V R2, DPM 2010 Beta included an item level recovery from host based virtual machine.You can go inside the virtual machine and recovery files to a network shares or a volume on the DPM protected server without restoring the whole VM.
To support ILR, you must have the Hyper-V role enabled on the DPM server. During item-level recovery, DPM has to mount the VHDs of the protected virtual machines.

Follow the following step by step to perform item level recovery:-

1.In DPM Console, click on Recovery tab and select Hyper V Protected Data

2. Double click on the VM and Virtual machine Volume on the recoverable items list.

3.Select the item (files and folders) you want to recover. You can select and recover multiple files/folders from the list. Right Click the files and select Recover to start the Recovery Wizard.

4. A recovery wizard appear. Click Next to start the item level recovery.

5. On the Recovery Type. Select Copy to a network folder.

6. On the Destination, click Browse and select the location that you want to recover the file to put.

7. You can recover to a network shares or a volume on the DPM protected server

8.Leave as default for recovery option

9. Review the summary before click Recover button.

10. The DPM will recover your data to the location that you've previous specified.

Cool right ! Now you can recover a files inside the host virtual machine without installing an agent into the guest Virtual Machine.