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Saturday, February 4, 2012

SCCM 2012 Hierarchy Model


Just have a look into SCCM 2012 and here is the summary of the new hierarchy model that should assist during design of SCCM 2012 deployment


Complex hierarchy model:-

  • Central Administration Model
    • Must install first
    • Manage multiple primary site.
    • No client connectivity
  • Primary Site
    • Can be standalone and each primary site can handle 100K client.
    • Primary site cannot be a child of another primary site
    • To directly manage clients
  • Secondary Site
    • Suitable to deploy across low bandwidth network
    • Up to 2500 client
  • Distribution Point
    • Suitable to deploy across low bandwidth network
    • Up to 500 client


  1. can I ask -- for a stand alone 8000 users do you need to have a central administration site I need a schematic for total 7000 users and 200 on the outside firewall

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