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Thursday, April 1, 2010

SCCM Client Not Install and Approve

After the installation of SCCM and some minor configuration, you tend to go to Collection to check if SCCM client computer is discover or install. You will realised, it will display
Client - No
Approved - N/A
Site Code - CTS (Yes available)
Assigned - Yes

The client computer is online and you have waited for few hour. Here is the thing that you should start checking

1. Configure Site boundary. Refer to
2. Extend Active Directory Schema. Refer to
3.Configure Client Push method. Refer to
4. Temporary disable Windows Firewall or Configure on Group Policy for Windows Firewall Exception. Refer to
5. Check CCMSetup.log from C:\Windows\System32\ccmsetup and check the log files. Go to end of the log and study the error. Sample of the log:-

If you see "Failed to successfully complete HTTP request", then you need to verify the Management Point role is working.
Go to Site Status and Check MP is installed and running. If MP is not install and failed, you need install configure WebDav setting. Please refer to

The settings were setup OK but for some reason they were not been recognized by the WebDAV component. What I did was open and edit the C:\Windows\System32\inetsrv\config\schema\WEBDAV_schema.xml file. The following parameters were changed:

element name="properties"
attribute name="allowAnonymousPropfind" type="bool" defaultValue="true"
attribute name="allowInfinitePropfindDepth" type="bool" defaultValue="true"
attribute name="allowCustomProperties" type="bool" defaultValue="false"

After that, I restarted the service SMS_SITE_COMPONENT_MANAGER and the log shows: "SMS Site Component Manager successfully installed this component on this site system.". The status should be OK and on the collection, you will see the status of
Client - Yes , follow by
Approved -Approved.
On client computer, please refer to
For more troubleshooting about Management Point, please refer to

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