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Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Here is a list of our blog sponsors:-

Altaro Software 


Founded in 2009, our company has grown rapidly over the years and continues to do so with our flagship solution Altaro VM Backup, which is rapidly gaining traction as the natural choice for Hyper-V and VMware VM backups.

Altaro VM Backup was born out of a need which we faced ourselves in the early days of Altaro. Backing up and restoring VMs was a needlessly complicated process without the use of a 3rd party tool, while existing backup solutions were expensive, still complicated to configure and use and let us down in times of trouble.


Website :

Savision is the market leader in Service-oriented IT Monitoring solutions. The company’s solutions transform infrastructure and application monitoring data into dashboards that automate and unify IT operations with IT Service Management workflows. Savision allows companies to maximize the value of existing IT management tools in order to optimize IT service delivery, prevent problems, and reduce service downtime.

Over 800 of the world’s most demanding companies, governments, and non-profits have deployed Savision’s solutions to visualize, rationalize, and optimize their IT service delivery workflows.

Savision is privately held and headquartered in the Netherlands, with offices in the United States and Canada.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Increase Memory of Nutanix CVM

Insufficient memory & CVM is crawling require more memory...

In this post, we will look at how to increase CVM memory.

Before that, turn off the entire virtual machine before shutdown CVM.

[Get CVM name]
virsh list

[Get CVM properties]
virsh dominfo <CVMName>

[Shutdown CVM]
virsh shutdown <CVM Name>

[Change memory]

virsh setmaxmem <CVM Name> 12GB --config
virsh setmem <CVM name> 12 GB --config

[Start CVM]
virsh start <CVM Name>

That should do the trick!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Upload Existing Image Into Nutanix AHV

We go an existing vmware virtual image & would like to load into Nutanix AHV. To do so, here is a simple step.

1. Go to top right, select Image Configuration

2. Enter image details
- image type -> DISK
-Image source -> Upload a file

3. Select the image that you want to upload

4. Voila ....done. the image has successful to uploaded. Nutanix AHV will convert the disk and when state is ready, it will display "ACTIVE"
You can use the same method for uploading ISO files.

Once uploaded, you can create a new VM using this image.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Setup Nutanix CE on Lab Environment

We are going to explore on Nutanix AHV. Here is my quick note on the configuration


  • Use Vmware workstation
  • Download Nutanix CE  from here.
  • Extract ce-2017.07.20-stable.img.gz and rename to ce-disk1.vmdk
  • Download disk descriptor from here and rename to ce.vmdk
[VM Preparation]
  • New VM with Guest OS version set to Centos 64 Bits
  • 4 vcpu
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Add SATA Disk , map to existing virtual disk- ce.vmdk
  • Add SATA Disk, create new disk -200GB
  • Add SATA Disk, create new disk - 500GB
  • Network to Internet (require for Nutanix NEXT access)


1. Boot up vm, login with credential -root, nutanix/4u (as password)
2.Modify some changes minimum value

Go to /home/install/phx_iso/phoenix/

Go to 

SSD_rdIOPS_thresh = 1000
SSD_wrIOPS_thresh = 1000

if os environment has key ("Comunity Edition")
Change custom_ram =6

return to logon screen, log off and begin installation by typing "install" on user

3. Assign static IP
4. Do not check "Create single node cluster"
Once installation complete, return to main screen.

5. Login with root
6. ssh to CVM "ssh nutanix@CVM_IP"
7. Create cluster -" cluster -s "CVM_IP" create "
Once cluster created, login using browser

[Access to CVM Administration]
1. Type http://CVM_IP

2. Login with default username "admin", password "admin"
3. Change default password.
4. Enter the Nutanix NEXT credential

Voila..... Nutanix CE is up and running

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Slide :- Data Protection Solutions across Multi-Cloud Environment Using Veeam Powered Cloud Technologies

Presented at session to Service Provider on Data Protection Solution across Multi-Cloud Environment Using Veeam Powered Cloud Technologies & Microsoft Azure.

Venue:- Microsoft Penang Office
Date : 25 Jan 2018
Target audience: Service Provider


Service Provider can leverage on Microsoft Azure infrastructure to provide BaaS by using Veeam technologies. To know more, go to Microsoft Azure MarketPlace to find Veeam Virtual Appliance.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Perform Bare Metal Recovery From Microsoft OneDrive

In this post, we are going to perform bare metal recovery on a laptop where backup data is stored in Microsoft OneDrive. Assuming that you've perform a full backup using Veeam Agent for Windows. To do so, please refer to here.

Next, create a recovery media from Veeam Agent.

Once a Recovery Media (VeeamRecoveryMedia_LaptopName.iso) has created, make a bootable USB drive. You can use this tool-

Boot your laptop using bootable USD drive.

Select Bare Metal Recovery option

On backup location, select "Network Storage"

On Network Storage, we will select "Microsoft OneDrive". This is the place where a full backup is placed.

On Microsoft OneDrive page, enter your credential.

Once successful connected, you able to view and select your restore point

 On Restore Mode page, select "Entire Computer"

Click Restore to start bare metal recovery. This process will take a bit longer depending on your Internet bandwidth.
We are restoring original size 60GB size.
Backup size (after compression & deduplication) - 13GB

Voila! Reboot the laptop & you're back to healthy state with all your data intact.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sneak Peak - Backup SQL Always On Using Veeam

With new update Veeam Backup & Replication v9.5 Update 3, you can protect

  • Windows Failover Cluster
  • SQL Cluster
  • SQL Always On
  • Exchange DAG

See this below video in action:-


Sneak Peak - Veeam Agent Management Using Veeam Backup Server

Here is a sneak peak of new enhancement built in Veeam agent management.

Install Veeam Agent

Dynamic Installation of Veeam Agent

 Create Backup Policy

Create Recovery Media